About A. Paraiso

A. Paraiso Realty, after serving the Cabo San Lucas area for 20 years, brought their experience and excellent track record to the Todos Santos area in 1996. Millions of dollars in sales and many happy clients later, A. Paraiso Realty continues to provide quality, honest service to buyers and sellers from both sides of the border.

The company holds a large inventory of spectacular, pristine beachfront properties in the Las Tunas area of Todos Santos, the Cerritos beach area of Pescadero, as well as beachfront and second row lots in Rancho Los Pinos, adjacent to the “Cabo Riviera” in the East Cape.

We are members of theTodos Santos MLS.

A. Realty will hold your hand through the entire process of buying or selling, from negotiating the fairest price, securing a legal, safe closing, designing and building your custom dream home, and assisting in setting the property up for vacation rental with reliable property management.

Call us at (949) 226-8337 from the US or Canada or (612) 145-1019 here in Mexico and give Eddie, Daniel or an opportunity to make your dream of owning a beachfront home in Baja a reality.

Se habla español.

5 Responses to About A. Paraiso

  1. DStudio Arquitectura says:

    Buen dia, les invitamos a que visiten nuestro perfil. Nos gustaira hacer colaboracion con ustedes para que nos recomienden. Realizamos todo tipo de servicios arquitectonicos, diseño, proyecto, urbanismo, etc. Podemos establecer un programa de comision por clientes referidos por ustedes, estamos a sus ordenes.

  2. jorge grotewold says:

    buen dia yo tengo una propiedad en todos santos necesito consultarte algo mi numero es 7555584960 o 7555531717 esto es en ixtapa zihuatanejo mi nombre es jorge grotewold

  3. Mesho says:

    Doom [82];The game is rigged all right, and not in favor of the buyer or slleer. Besides, I didn’t set the rules of the game, your industry did.A car salesman is an excellent analogy, and the tripe peddled that house salesmen are any different is just that. People don’t go out to buy a car being forced to rely on the benevolence of their car salesman as the sole source of pertinent information the same way re-litters force their clients to rely on them.If its stocks, I can go to the WSJ for price data on stock transactions, or S&P for analytics on companies. Only if its a house I’m after do I have to rely on whatever data the sales flack decides is in her interest to spoon out to me.If it wasn’t about limiting access to information, the NAR wouldn’t have been one of the single largest lobby groups on Capital Hill trying to beat back the FTC’s efforts to force them to open up access to MLS listing data.But quote applies; It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!

  4. Marion Pike says:

    Building on the dunes in Las Tunas is illegal. Buyers beware. You will lose your investment

  5. Eddie Odgen says:

    I am sorry I lied about it and sold all those lots to people who are finding out now they can’t build on them. NOT

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